TRB 2016 Blue Ribbon Committee
16th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference

Project Prioritization using a Delay Allocation

Corresponding Author: Kyle Ward, WSP

Presented By: Kyle Ward, WSP


This presentation introduces a new way to prioritize projects in a long-range planning context by allocating delay reduction among multiple, competing projects in a single run of a travel demand model. The approach captures the effects of project interaction traditionally achieved through standard alternatives analysis while providing project prioritization traditionally achieved through single-project scenario runs. This post-process method can use the output from nearly any travel demand model, illuminates features normally hidden by the standard two approaches, and drastically reduces the number of model runs needed. Most importantly, the metrics calculated allow planners to talk intelligently about model results without requiring expertise in travel modeling. This will lead to more-informed investment decisions and better transportation plans.

This presentation will also include the latest enhancement made to the approach: the inclusion of a distance function to improve allocation. This new feature was applied successfully in 2016 during a planning analysis project in Virginia Beach, VA.


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