TRB 2016 Blue Ribbon Committee
16th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference

Statewide Seaport Origin/Destination and Route Monitoring Initiative

Corresponding Author: Thomas Hill, Florida Department of Transportation

Presented By: Thomas Hill, Florida Department of Transportation


The State of Florida has strategically invested in seaport, highway and intermodal improvements over the last decade with the goal of increasing economic development, export manufacturing and competition for new freight markets resulting from the widening of the Panama Canal. In order to monitor activity and continue planning and investing in the future, the FDOT is deployed a system of Bluetooth devices across the state and at the state line to detect freight as it enters/exits and traverses the state to and from its major seaports. The initiative positioned vehicle detection devices at the 8 most active seaports in the state; at major highways crossings along the state border and at screen-lines strategically identified to monitor truck routes that cross multiple regions.

By strategically locating detection devices for transportation analysis the data from each machine matches Mac addresses for identifying trip routes, origins and destinations and travel times. The detection technology is not able to differentiate between trucks and other vehicles within normal traffic streams. The positioning of receivers at the port entry gates isolated heavy vehicles and provided feedback for freight travel time estimations.

The results of this effort is a rich data set that provides important information related to vehicle/truck trip lengths, cruise traffic, seaport market reach, seaport freight origins/destinations, as well as speeds and travel times that are critical for reliable freight and transportation modeling. Additional uses include the use of data to identify: potential delays and diversion related to major crash incidents; coordinating truck\automobile traffic with port schedules; analyze truck turnaround times; support of truck parking needs from region to region and base year data for comparison to annual monitoring to assess growth and shifts in markets and plan for more strategic investments.

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