TRB 2016 Blue Ribbon Committee
16th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference

MAG Establishment Survey: a year in review

Corresponding Author: Stacey Bricka, ETC Institute

Presented By: Ted Brown, Maricopa Association of Governments


The 2016 MAG Establishment Survey fielded from March through November 2016, collecting data from 2,000 establishments. The design called for the collection of count data and employee surveys from 1,100 sites and additional collection of visitor intercept data and/or commercial vehicle GPS data from half of those same sites. The sampling approach called for a 3-way stratification by geography (central, near and periphery); employer size (0-9; 10-149, and 150+) and industry categories (commerce, education and personal, industrial/heavy/construction, and professional services).

This presentation will provide a high level summary of the overall survey results, then focus specifically on the decision to collect data continuously through the 8-month study period. In particular, the results will be reviewed for spring, summer and fall data collection periods in order to determine whether there are differences in reported visitor travel based on seasons. The results are intended to help other agencies determine whether to consider summer data collection for similar projects.


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