11th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference

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PTV America Profile: PTV America is a multi-disciplinary transportation software and consulting firm, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTV AG in Karlsruhe, Germany. PTV America is comprised of two sectors within the PTV umbrella - Traffic and Mobility.

PTV America distributes traffic applications PTV Vision ® software suite (VISSIM and VISUM) and VISUM Online and provides technical support, software customization and training services for these products. We also distribute the mobility programs PTV MobilityPlatform and PTV NaviGuide and offer technical support for these applications.

A crown jewel in PTV America's organization is their software development team that is responsible for developing and enhancing the software products that it distributes in the North American market.

PTV America also offers consulting services, delivering high quality traffic and transit engineering and planning services to clients across North America.
Citilabs Profile: Citilabs is a software development firm offering Cube, the transportation market’s most comprehensive software suite. Citilabs’ Cube supports the work of more than 2,500 transportation planners, traffic engineers and related professionals around the globe. Citilabs has offices across North America and Europe, and is augmented by an extensive network of authorized distributors and resellers.

The Cube suite currently offers eight separate modules and includes functions such as passenger demand forecasting (Cube Voyager), microsimulation (Cube Dynasim), freight modeling (Cube Cargo), mesoscopic simulation (Cube Avenue), trip table management (Cube Analyst), high performance modeling (Cube Cluster), and presentation graphics and tabling (Cube Reports). There are three additional modules well into development to be released within the year covering land use modeling, web-based forecasting and full incorporation of ESRI’s ArcGIS.

Citilabs is a full service software developer which offers training, software maintenance and updates, as well as technical support via phone, email, fax and a user list service (i.e. a web forum). Citilabs supports our software users in several ways, such as through an annual user conference, as well as through scheduling classes in our field offices and customer facilities, again around the globe.

As an independent software developer, Citilabs works closely with planning and engineering consultancies around the globe. Citilabs also supports institutions of higher learning which offer hands-on Cube training as part of their academic programs. Research universities and laboratories utilize Cube in their R&D projects. Please contact us to learn of Cube-trained consultants and universities in your area.
Cambridge Systematics Profile: Cambridge Systematics, Inc. specializes in transportation, dedicated to ensuring that transportation investments deliver the best possible results. By providing innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications, we help our clients meet future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructure and operations. Above all, we are committed to our clients’ success in making transportation better for future generations. If transportation is your focus, Cambridge Systematics can help achieve your goals.

Cambridge Systematics specializes in transportation services and tools and products for local, state, national, and international agencies in the public and private transportation industries. From our offices strategically located across the United States, we offer our clients a specialization in transportation, industry leadership, innovative solutions, an objective approach, and a strong partnership with our clients.

Cambridge Systematics has been developing and applying travel demand forecasting models since our formation in 1972. We have pioneered many of the modeling practices in use today, through research and innovative practice conducted to enhance travel models. Cambridge Systematics continues to develop creative, practical solutions for travel demand models, such as the estimation and implementation of tour and activity-based models and the integration of land use and travel models. In addition, we have developed software tools that facilitate the evaluation of transportation and land use alternatives impacts. Our practice is built on the foundation of discrete choice model estimation and statistical analysis, thus ensuring reliable forecasts. Cambridge Systematics offers technical services in the following specialties:
  • Travel Model Development Research and Training
  • Survey Design and Evaluation
  • Freight Forecasting
  • Highway/Multimodal Corridor Forecasting
  • Transit/Ridership Forecasting
  • Intercity/Statewide Forecasting
  • Impact Assessment Tools
INRO Profile: Every day, thousands of transport planners around the world use INRO software to model urban, metropolitan and regional transportation systems, and to evaluate the transport policy that affects us all. INRO was formed in 1976 to bring leading-edge research and software to the transportation planning field, and today continues to innovate in the field it helped define with a strong tradition of research and new product development.

INRO software is built to handle the rigors of complex transport systems; to account for the diverse technological, social, and economic challenges facing planners today. Our focus on professional methodologies ensures that planners can rely on the credibility of our models, and our flexible tool-kit approach gives planners the freedom to adapt and customize models to suit local needs. The most advanced modellers in the industry rely on INRO software to model the world's most complex transport systems. The Emme passenger transport planning platform, the Dynameq dynamic traffic assignment package, and the STAN strategic freight-planning platform are collectively used in over 900 organizations in more than 70 countries, including half of the world’s 25 largest cities.

INRO software is bolstered by world-class technical support and a catalog of professional training courses, both of which are provided by a qualified team of transport professionals who hold graduate degrees in computer science, operations research, and civil engineering. INRO regularly facilitates national and international user conferences and workshops to encourage knowledge exchange and to provide valuable networking opportunities for professionals and researchers.

INRO offers on-demand professional services through INRO Solutions, with expertise in reviewing, designing, implementing and calibrating transportation planning and operations studies.
TMIP Mission: Support and empower planning agencies; through leadership, innovation and support of planning analysis improvements; to provide better information to support transportation and planning decisions.
  • Goal 1. To help planning agencies build their institutional capacity to develop and deliver travel related information to support transportation and planning decisions.
  • Goal 2. To develop and improve analytical methods that respond to the needs of planning and environmental decision making processes.
  • Goal 3. To develop mechanisms to ensure the quality of technical analysis used to support decision-making and to meet local, state, and federal program requirements.
Seminars and Training: TMIP serves as a clearinghouse for courses on transportation planning analysis. TMIP develops and delivers seminars and training on a variety of topics

E-mail List: The TMIP E-mail discussion list has about 850 travel-forecasting professionals from around the globe.

Technical Assistance: TMIP offers technical assistance, through the TMIP and Resource Center staff.

Research: The TMIP Program has conducted a large amount of travel analysis research since its inception. Research serves long-term and short-term needs both to improve current planning tools and create completely new approaches to planning analysis.

TRANSIMS: TMIP sponsors the research and development of the TRansportation ANalysis and SIMulation System (TRANSIMS). TRANSIMS is the next generation of travel modeling, microsimulation and air quality analysis tools. Through TMIP the planning community can stay up to date on the development and delivery of TRANSIMS products.

Clearinghouse: One of the most important functions that TMIP carries out is making information and knowledge available to the planning community. The TMIP clearinghouse is a resource for planning analysis research, case studies and best practices documentation generated both by the TMIP program and by others. The clearinghouse site also highlights new documents of interest, making it an excellent resource for keeping abreast of developments in the field. Electronic and printed reports are available free of charge and are available through the web site.

Peer Review Program: Planning agencies can use peer reviews to ensure that technical processes they are applying or developing meet the agency's needs, meet the standards of professional practice, and/or meet Federal, state or local planning requirements. Peer reviews of travel forecasting and data collection procedures are crucial to planning agency model development and improvement efforts.

Peer Exchanges: TMIP sponsors peer exchanges, which are facilitated discussions on a focused topic relating to planning analysis. These exchanges are very effective in disseminating techniques being used by those leading the profession on a particular subject. The information is conveyed not only to the participants, but also to others in the profession through the documentation of the peer exchange.

To access services and for more information, go to:  http://tmip.fhwa.dot.gov
PB Profile: PB is a leader in developing transportation and other infrastructure, with 10,000 employees dedicated to meeting the needs of clients and communities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia-Pacific regions. PB (Parsons Brinckerhoff) offers skills and resources in strategic consulting, planning, engineering, program/construction management and operations for highways, transit and rail, ports and airports, as well as power, community development, water and the environment. Founded in1885, PB is employee-owned, with 150 offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.pbworld.com.
Gannett Fleming Inc. Profile: Gannett Fleming has been providing full-service planning and engineering services for transportation, environmental and water resources projects in the U.S. and abroad since 1915. With more than 90 years of experience, Gannett Fleming's extensive array of services makes us a leader in the planning and engineering industry. As Gannett Fleming continues to grow and expand, we never forget our key mission—to make our clients successful.

Among the many disciplines offered to our clients, Gannett Fleming provides transportation planning services including:
  • Travel Demand Model Development and Application
  • Travel Characteristic Surveys
  • Multimodal Corridor Studies
  • Long Range Transportation Plan Development
  • Freight Mobility Studies
  • Traffic Engineering
Gannett Fleming is proud to provide these and many other services to a wide range of clients at the federal, state, and local level.
Wilbur Smith Associates Profile: Wilbur Smith is an international consulting firm providing professional services in the fields of engineering, planning, and economics. Established in 1952, the firm has more than 50 years of multidisciplinary service and has a diversified practice with its major concentration of services in the analysis and planning of transportation systems, the design of transportation facilities, and the planning and design of community and industrial infrastructure systems and facilities. WSA has completed more than 20,000 projects including work in all 50 states, virtually every major metropolitan area in the United States, and in over 100 nations throughout the world.

WSA uses the professional and technical disciplines of its staff to assemble special project teams with the capability of providing a complete range of services to satisfy each unique project’s requirements. The range of services includes civil and structural engineering, site engineering, transportation analysis and planning, engineering and Right-of-Way (ROW) services, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), urban and regional planning, operations and maintenance management, transit impact analysis, socioeconomic and financial analyses, system analysis, environmental planning and design, stormwater management, water resources engineering, solid waste management, energy conservation planning, and construction services.

Transportation Planning
Whether at the national, multi-state, state, regional, metropolitan, county or municipal level, Wilbur Smith Associates brings a comprehensive, multi-disciplined problem-solving approach to every client. We embrace and foster a team approach, which is especially important in transportation planning, as no study or project has a single focus. Planning is about bringing infrastructure and quality of life elements together to enhance our lifestyles and neighborhoods, as well as the environment.

WSA Transportation Planning services include:
  • Statewide Multimodal Systems
  • Statewide Transportation Plans
  • Sub-area Transportation Plans
  • Major Corridor Studies
  • Scenic Corridors/Byways
  • Hurricane Evacuation Planning
  • Intermodal Plans
  • Policy Studies
  • Non-Motorized Transportation
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization Studies
Intelligent Transportation Systems
WSA boasts a team of exceptionally-qualified professionals providing services throughout the world in ITS planning, design, systems engineering and evaluation. Our areas of specialty include regional systems, toll roads, public transport and parking management.

Technology alone does not solve transportation problems. WSA understands that ITS is a tool, not an objective in and of itself. We bring our various disciplines together in a unique manner to identify problem areas and provide solutions that are functionally-driven, practical and cost-effective.

WSA has been a pioneer in developing innovative transportation strategies. This has included identifying reasonably-priced techniques to enhance the quality, performance and perceived value of public transit services.

Toll Implementation
WSA remains on the leading edge of new toll and payment systems technologies. Whether the project involves a simple replacement of a traditional toll system or planning and implementation of a fully-electronic, open road, cashless system, WSA provides the support needed to ensure success in system planning, procurement and deployment.

Travel Demand Modeling
WSA features a team of highly-qualified modeling professionals. Our contribution to the practice is regularly recognized by FHWA, AASHTO, and others, and our reputation is second to none. The team's primary focus is the development and application of travel demand models used to estimate usage on existing and proposed transportation system facilities.

With a diverse and comprehensive spectrum of transportation and infrastructure services, no matter what your project entails, WSA can help. Explore our planning and design capabilities, or find out more about our toll and economic services. Either way, you'll find an engineering partner ripe with innovative ideas. For a comprehensive list of Wilbur Smith’s services, please log on to: www.wilbursmith.com


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